VIDEO: Zuly Sanguino is an incredible artist who has was born without limbs * 2024
VIDEO: Zuly Sanguino is an incredible artist who has was born without limbs * 2024

Zuly speaker and painter, who overcame abuse, her physical limits and insecurities

Zuly Sanguino was born in Colombia in December 1989 with the condition called Tetra-amelia syndrome, an extremely rare genetic condition that effects in the limbs were not developed properly in the womb. She is one of six, but her three brothers and two sisters did not suffer from the condition.

She was later actively speaking and involving in community visits and charity events where she could share her story. Her voice has started to spread around the world through documentaries, interviews and articles by major media companies. Her story has now been written in more than 30 languages around the world. Her paintings have been exhibited in various shows, and are mostly centered around the themes that she’s really passionate about – nature and the environment.

​It’s been a difficult life for this woman who has been subjected to bullying, sexual abuse and even contemplated suicide. But Zuly has proven that she is bigger than those challenges and is now a professional painter and a successful public speaker, hoping to inspire others to overcome the hurdles they face in life.


Zuly made several suicide attempts

Zuly, from Bogotá, Colombia, endured horrific bullying at school over her disability and was later raped, leading her to the brink of suicide. But incredibly, has overcome all her obstacles and not only lives a normal life with minimal nursing care, but earns a living as an inspirational speaker, helping thousands of other disadvantaged people.

Zuly made several suicide attempts. After hitting rock bottom at age 15, Zuly slowly started to rebuild her confidence and her life, with the help of her mother Guillermina and her siblings. Zuly turned into a motivational speaker and inspires thousands with her passion for art and life at hospitals, churches, businesses, prisons, and schools. Guillermina, wouldn’t give up on Zuly. Guillermina insisted that Zuly could live a normal life and do anything she put her mind to. She grew up in an artistic environment because her whole family does art.

Global Insurance & Planning kicks off new business with impressive artist Zuly Sanguino

Dozens of city and county officials, chamber members and area residents were on hand for the event, which featured a guest appearance by motivational speaker and international artist Zuly Sanguino. “Zuly is a true inspiration to us because she was born with no arms or legs,” said Global Insurance president Ernesto Romero. “She doesn’t see her disability as an issue. She has a great heart.” Sanguino suffers from a rare condition called tetra-amelia syndrome, a genetic condition that affects undeveloped limbs in the womb.

An incredible artist, Sanguino began art college at 18 years old. She then progressed to speaking events, which ultimately led to her sharing her motivational stories around the world. Her artwork often centers around subjects that she is passionate about, especially nature and the environment. She inspires others to have courage to overcome the hurdles they face in life.

Global Insurance and Planning Advisors is a business that supports up-and-coming entrepreneurs and helps the community receive medical insurance benefits and care. “We help the community receive health and life insurance like Medicare, the marketplace, and seniors to receive dental care,” Romero said.

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