VIDEO: Breast cancer in men * 2024
VIDEO: Breast cancer in men * 2024

Every year, in October, is observed to raise public awareness about breast cancer.  Research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, individuals, businesses, and communities come together to show their support for those affected by breast cancer.

Approximately breast cancer cases were, making it the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide. There is a common misconception that men don’t really have breast tissue. But the truth is, they do. So maybe men have lesser breast tissue than women, is comparatively rarer, but it’s not an absolute myth.


The most common signs of male breast cancer

Most men often ignore the symptoms, men are more likely to develop breast cancer after age 60 if they have the following characteristics: BRCA gene mutations, breast cancer in the family, a low level of testosterone and an elevated level of oestrogen.

1. The presence of a lump or mass in the breast.
2. Changes in the nipple.
3. Other changes in the breast.
4. Changes in lymph nodes.
5. Skin changes.

Changes most common are

The presence of a lump or mass in the breast:

Breast cancer may manifest as a painless mass in the breast. Breast cancer can cause pain, but most people do not notice a lump that is not painful. Breast cancer lumps are also hard and do not move around in the breast tissue. Furthermore, breast cancer lumps can come in many sizes and shapes.

Breast masses are more likely to be cancerous if found in one breast, but it is possible to develop the illness in both breasts. Therefore, a physician should check all breast lumps.

Changes in the nipple:

A male’s nipples should not suddenly change, especially if he has not recently suffered an injury or has no nipple piercings.

As a result, a person should pay attention to changes such as the following:
– A puckered or distorted nipple.
– Any discharge of colour or volume from the nipple.
– An inward turn of the nipple.
– Nipples that grow in size become lopsided or suddenly appear different from one another.
– Changes in the colour of the nipples.
– The nipple may be painful, itchy, or scaling.
– A sudden breast milk production.

Other changes in the breast:

Many factors can cause the breasts to change, including medications, hormones, and weight gain or loss. Breast changes, especially those without apparent explanation, may indicate breast cancer, such as the following.

– A sudden increase in breast tissue, especially on one side of the breast.
– Breast pain or itching.
– A change in the sensation of the breasts.

Changes in lymph nodes:

There is a possibility that breast cancer can spread to the lymph nodes surrounding the breast. It may also cause the lymph nodes to swell. Therefore, a person should pay close attention to the following:

– Swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpits, collarbone, or neck.
– Swollen lymph nodes anywhere else in the body, particularly if the swelling does not resolve.
– Nodes that are painful or tender, even if they are the same size as usual.

Skin changes:

A person may notice that breast cancer tumours pull on the skin or cause changes to the skin.

– Breasts with scaly, dry, or patchy skin.
– Breasts with dimples or puckering.
– Colour changes in the breast skin.

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