VIDEO: Being Electrocuted Hasn't Stopped Me Modelling | SHAKE MY BEAUTY * 2024
VIDEO: Being Electrocuted Hasn't Stopped Me Modelling | SHAKE MY BEAUTY * 2024

Victoria Salcedo is synonym for resilience

Hailing from Guayaquil, born in 1997. She studies journalism in Ecuador and became a famous influencer who works hard for inclusion. Victoria takes a strong message and request to the society to be more empathic. Salcedo suffered a brutal accident when she was 5 years old; she touched a high tension cable that resulted in the amputation of her arms and one of her legs.

However, as the years passed, this queen knew that the only way was to move on. She made the decision to move forward in the face of adversity, putting the importance of achieving whatever goal she set for herself first. It is her disability that has never stopped her. She uses prosthesis only on her leg and, from a very young age, she does everything with her right foot that she would do with her other limbs. Rather than use prosthetic arms, Victoria uses her right leg to eat and carry out other every day.

She said, “The accident did not stop me from fighting for my dreams and moving forward, because apart from studying journalism, I practice swimming and performs any activity without any problem.” She explains that the most difficult thing has been to adapt to people who often see her as less, so she has dedicated herself to learning to do a little of everything, with the help of her right foot and leg.


Vicco_Salcedo texts with her toes faster than a two-handed individual

She loves fashion and styling, has even participated in various competitions. In fact, in 2018 she was crowned Queen of Loja, an Ecuadorian city, and named a National Angel. A true symbol of inspiration for people of all ages, she has many followers on Instagram and on TikTok, platforms where she constantly shares a message of positivism and creates awareness about disability.

Today, effortlessly applies a flawless, full-face of makeup with her right foot that would make even the most sought-after celeb makeup artist blush, attends classes at University, and has recently taught herself to free dive, gracefully gliding underwater like a magical mermaid. Her next endeavour, to be an accomplished news journalist.

She is a contest in one of the South American country’s biggest reality TV shows, Soy El Mejor (‘I am the best’)

Because Victoria was so young when she lost three of her limbs, she was (fortunately) able to very quickly adapt to her situation. She relinquished her upper prosthetics a few years after the life-changing accident, relying on only a lower prosthetic limb to aid in her active, on-the-go lifestyle. And, there is no stopping this beautiful Girl.

Unequivocally the “life of the party,” this unencumbered influencer can often be found soaking up the rays on the sun-drenched beaches of Ecuador, hiking in the hills, posing for fashion shoots, granting interviews, and strutting down the catwalks of South America showing off the latest styles of some of the most famous fashion designers.

Actually she is a contest in one of the South American country’s biggest reality TV shows, Soy El Mejor (‘I am the best’) showing off her dancing, singing and acting skills. Also is working on a book, not about her own story, but about how accepted standards and rules too typically limit us as human beings. She said she aimed to focus on people’s hopes and dreams, and to urge people not to let society “tell us how to think or what to say.” “We are free people,” she said. “And I just want to come up with ways to connect people in the most amazing ways.”

Victoria Salcedo, triple amputee, former participant of the Miss Ecuador 2021 pageant, now is dancing in Ecuador’s reality TV shows Soy El Mejor * Todo lo relacionado