VIDEO: Rosalina Oktavia, Model Disabilitas Ikon Asian Paragames 2018 * 2024
VIDEO: Rosalina Oktavia, Model Disabilitas Ikon Asian Paragames 2018 * 2024

How was her accident

She said: “In 2009, I broke a tendon in my left knee in a motorbike accident. I could still walk, but I couldn’t run fast, so in 2015, a doctor recommended surgery to repair the tendon. During the procedure, instead of repairing the tendon, the doctor cut a vein. He said he would fix that new problem, but it didn’t go well. He hid it from my family until it was too late — multiple surgeries couldn’t save my leg, and I eventually had to amputate it”.

That incident completely changed her in every way possible. She was so stressed and she didn’t want to live anymore, which put a lot of stress on her family too. A turning point came when her dad said that if it was possible, he would give her his leg. That made her want to prove to them that she can achieve anything.

“Since then, I wanted to also play a part in spreading positivity in other people’s lives.”


She don’t give up on her dreams

“My worry was the prosthetic leg, I really had to focus on my walking pace in order to not miss my steps. If you set your mind to do something, go for it. Do not let others distract you. Don’t let other’s opinion affect you. Most importantly, don’t let your differences or disabilities define who you are.”

Rosalina is also an ambassador for charity Models of Diversity. Before her op she was able to walk but running and playing sport wasn’t possible because of her tendon injury. Rosalina, who lives in Singapore was photographed for sports and lingerie before being asked to walk the catwalk as part of Singapore Fashion Runway.

Angel Sinclair, founder of Models of Diversity, which campaigns for diverse models in the modelling industry, said: “What struck me about Roza was her enthusiasm to bring about change around the approach to disability in Singapore.

Rosalina feared she would never be able to professionally model again

Rosalina Oktavia from @kazzrozza tells the story of her amputation and commitment to her dream of modeling even after amputation when she didn’t think it was possible. Of course, the first few days after her amputation, she felt terribly depressed. Her family was devastated about the situation, and she even thought of ending her life. However, she soon realised that life still went on and that she had no choice but to adapt to it. Therefore, she decided to stop thinking of what she couldn’t do and start thinking of what she could do, think positively and live a happy life, as all humans deserve.

She worked as a part-time model before the accident but, after losing her leg, she thought that would not be possible anymore. However, her ex-husband made me realise that she should not give up on her dreams due to her situation. He encouraged her to work hard, so she rebranded herself, and she built a modeling portfolio with her new image. Through her Instagram account and her YouTube channels, she received lots of love and encouragement from all over the world, which made her regain confidence in herself and made her see that she could still be beautiful. As a result, she decided to devote herself not only to modeling, but also to motivate people with disabilities.

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