VIDEO: A forma como você encara um momento pode mudar tudo | Paola Antonini | TEDxNovaLima * 2023
VIDEO: A forma como você encara um momento pode mudar tudo | Paola Antonini | TEDxNovaLima * 2023

Paola Antonini was born in 19 May 1994, in Brazil. Thanks to her awesome figure and personality, Paola entered the modeling world at an early age. Alongside her modeling career, Paola also grew her online presence. She posted pictures of her fit body on social media, attracting numerous followers along the way.

Paola Antonini lost her leg in a car accident, after a drunk driver hit Paola while she loaded her luggage in the car. The injuries were so severe that doctors had to amputate Paola’s leg and replace it with a prosthesis. However, despite the tragedy, Paola never let it stop her from pursuing her passions in life. She’s continued to live every day to its fullest, inspiring people from all over the world with her positive spirit and attitude.

Car Accident, when she lost her leg

In 2014, Paola and her partner were preparing to travel for New Year’s celebration.

As they were putting luggage into their car, a drunk driver crashed into Paola. Her leg was instantly crushed.

Paola was rushed to the nearest hospital, where doctors attempted to save her leg. Despite their best attempts, doctors had to amputate Paola’s leg below the knee.

After this, Paola had to go through a long and challenging recovery – both mentally and physically. She went to weekly physiotherapy sessions where she learned to walk again.

Just as Paola was learning to walk again, she was hit with more grim news. After going for a check-up, the doctor said to Paola that she had to amputate her leg again, this time above her knee.

As a result, Paola went through yet another round of exhausting physiotherapy. And it was during this process that she had a leg prosthesis implanted.

Inspiring others with her story and her example

Despite the terrible events that happened to her, Paola didn’t hide it from the world. In fact, she used social media to share her courage and positive attitude with people who followed her.

A few days after the car accident, Paola posted a photo of herself in a hospital. In the picture caption, she wrote: “Always have hope in God. I wanted to thank you a lot for the prayers and all the affection. I don’t see any of this as a tragedy, but rather as a new chance at life. Thank you so much for keeping me alive, and in the end that’s what really matters.” 

Paola Antonini has shown us to never give up, no matter how challenging life might get at times. Paola had her leg amputated after a serious car accident. However, she rebounded stronger than ever to become an inspiration for millions of people.

One key takeaway from Paola’s story is to accept what you can’t control and do your best to improve things that you can. With this kind of mindset, you too can push past anything that stands between you and your happiness.

Founded in December 2020, the Paola Antonini Institute aims to provide accessibility and mobility for people with physical disabilities. The Paola Antonini Institute acts by providing the rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities through donations of prostheses, orthoses, wheelchairs, and accessories for rehabilitation. In addition, it offers psychological and physiotherapy assistance to patients.

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