VIDEO: Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Says Her Mom Chaperoned Her 1st Date With Jason Kennedy | PeopleTV * 2024
VIDEO: Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Says Her Mom Chaperoned Her 1st Date With Jason Kennedy | PeopleTV * 2024

Her personal life

“It’s amazing how something so ‘small’ can be an integral part of feeling beautifully complete again”. 

She is a blogger, born on 18th July 1988 in Texas, United States. She has had a successful career as a fashion blogger and model and enjoys a massive following. Most of her fans know about the airplane accident she suffered, which robbed her hand and eye. Received international media attention after a December 3, 2011 incident in which she walked into a spinning propeller, losing her left eye and severing her left hand.

On August 9, 2012, made her first public appearance following the accident during an interview on the Today show. All in her life change, including working on the CW’s ‘Gossip Girl’ and meeting her husband, Jason Kennedy. Now lives in Los Angeles with her husband. She has a lifestyle brand, and has recently been focusing on her health and wellness journey.

Lauren became the bride of Jason Kennedy in 2014, which also made her a new resident to beautiful California. She is a lifestyle blogger, author of “Still LoLo” and “Your Beautiful Heart”, and launched her hair product “Stranded” in December 2016.

On May 30, 2014, Scruggs became engaged to television personality Jason Kennedy. The couple were married on December 12, 2014. Lauren and Jason welcomed their son, Ryver Rhodes Kennedy, on April 3, 2022. Their daughter, Poppy Ford Kennedy, was born October 10, 2023.

Her first book, Still Lolo: A Spinning Propeller, a Horrific Accident, and a Family’s Journey of Hope, was published in 2012 and her second book, Your Beautiful Heart, was released in March 2015. She is founder of the Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation, which provides prostheses to women in need. Scruggs is a Christian.


Her calendar paused, her career path changed, and her platform increased after a night of injury

She subconsciously defined at the time as a“ depletion of beauty”. She was sucked into a plane propeller; the blade cut into her brain and the left side of her body, resulting in the loss of her left eye and left hand. The support she received from the city of Dallas and throughout the nation filled her with humbled gratefulness. Lauren began to realize that brokenness can be beautiful, even amidst unexpected suffering and pain.

After her accident, Lauren was in the rare situation of her insurance covering the entire cost of her cosmetic prosthesis, designed by Advanced Arm Dynamics and ARTech Laboratory. She thought this was typical until she hosted the “Beautifully Flawed Retreat” with Bethany Hamilton in 2013.

The Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation was formed

It was there that she met other young women who also had tragic stories of injury, but different stories of obtaining prosthetic limbs that helped in their healing and feeling of wholeness. Many of these women either disliked their unnatural looking prosthesis, could not get one because of the high cost, or were unaware of where to go to receive a beautiful, customized silicone covering for their prosthesis.

Lauren began to pray and ask the Lord how she could help those who desired to have a natural looking prosthesis, but could not afford the full cost, and at the same time building relationships and sharing the message of true beauty found only in Christ. Two years later, her vision for a faith based foundation became reality as The Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation was formed. In 2015, Lauren, Lisa and Ashley were able to accomplish their vision for helping others obtain a “beautiful” prosthesis.

Prosthesis details

Passive transradial prosthesis with locking pin suspension and a custom sculpted and painted silicone restoration arm and hand that mirrors her right side.

All ARTech silicone coverings are custom fabricated from a special blend of silicone polymers which offers flexibility, patient comfort, durability, and stain resistance. Silicone is resistant to high and low temperatures, the effects of the sun, and is one of the few materials which is well tolerated by the human body and, therefore, rarely incites dermatological reactions. Silicone is readily repaired if damaged.

A special mixture of pigments is extrensically blended to give all ARTech prosthetic restorations a translucent skin-like appearance which is colorfast. When necessary, the material is reinforced in areas where the margins are thin.

Activity-specific prostheses with multiple sports-related attachments, including a custom silicone socket with an adjustable BOA compression system. “I love my workout prosthesis, and I don’t know what I’d do without it. I work out four or five times a week, some with a trainer, some at the gym.”

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