VIDEO: MAKE WAVES | Kanya Sesser - Carver Skateboards * 2024
VIDEO: MAKE WAVES | Kanya Sesser - Carver Skateboards * 2024

Kanya Sesser was abandoned in early childhood

Kanya was born in Pak Chong, Thailand, without legs. She was abandoned on the front steps of a Buddhist temple when she was only one week old. The monks at the temple took care of her for one year until she was transferred to a Bangkok hospital. The plan was to find her a family, and more importantly, a loving home. For a few years she lived with an older loving couple that she loved to call her grandparents. It was at the age of 5 that she was finally united with her devoted adoptive parents and destiny brought her to Portland, Oregon.

Sesser started at a very young age with skateboarding, surfing, mono skiing, tennis, wheelchair rugby, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair racing, hiking, swimming, break dancing, quad driving and a lot more.

After competing in 100, 200 and 400 meter wheelchair racing events at school and at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ she has intensified training to qualify for Team USA for the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games in mono skiing.

Also at the age of 15 she began modeling sportswear. While launching her screen acting career with a guest appearance on Code Black in 2015, her barrier breaking lingerie photo shoot and her modeling campaigns with major brands like Nike, Billabong and Panty Prop received massive media attention worldwide and have changed the fashion model world as well as the advertising model world forever.


Kanya is a professional skateboarder, a model, actress, public speaker, and influencer, captivating audiences with her exceptional talents and inspiring story

Born into challenging circumstances, Kanya’s journey is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Overcoming adversity with unwavering determination, she has shattered barriers and proven that all dreams are attainable. Our conversation delved into her groundbreaking accomplishments, particularly her groundbreaking achievement as the first adaptive person to perform in the prestigious X Games.

As we explored the intricacies of Kanya’s bustling lifestyle, one aspect that stood out was her constant travel. Whether it be for public speaking engagements, exhilarating skateboarding competitions, or glamorous modeling assignments, she navigates the globe with unparalleled grace and enthusiasm.

Kanya’s perspective on life is truly remarkable. Despite the challenges she has faced, she embraces each day with an optimistic outlook, radiating positivity and resilience. A crucial pillar of her support system is her loving family and devoted boyfriend, who stand by her side through the inevitable hardships encountered on life’s journey.

Kanya Sesser motto alone: “No legs, no limits.” ​

Is a force of nature who’ll stop at nothing to show the world we can be anything we want to be. Born with no legs and abandoned on a street near a Buddhist temple when she was a baby, Kanya didn’t exactly have an ordinary start in life.

Not allowing her disability to define her, Kanya is challenging preconceptions of beauty and ability through her modelling and acting work. Models for athletics and lingerie companies, as well as being a stunt-woman, starring in hit shows including Hawaii Five-0Code Black and The Walking Dead. She lives by her personal motto ‘no legs, no limits’, which for Kanya, means ‘anything is possible’, even if it appears to be impossible at first.

Kanya has continued to follow her dreams, after being found on the side of a road near a Buddhist temple in Pak Chong, Thailand, when she was just a few months old. She was found in the early hours of September 13, 1992. She was then taken to a nearby hospital until she was brought to a foster family in Bangkok, before moving to Oregon, US with her adopted family.

At first, Kanya said she struggled to adapt to life in America, because she was adopted and English wasn’t her first language.

Kanya Sesser, demonstrated that physical differences are not limits in life * Todo lo relacionado