VIDEO: Jack Eyers European Championship Gold * 2024
VIDEO: Jack Eyers European Championship Gold * 2024

Jack was born with a congenital condition in his right leg called PFFD

Jack Eyers (born 1989) is a British paracanoeist who competes at international canoe competitions. He is a two-time World champion and a European champion. He is an above-the-knee leg amputee.  This condition affected the development of his tremor and hip joint and got progressively worse throughout his childhood and early teenage years. As he reflects back, he remembers being in a very dark place with no vision for his future.

Eyers says: “I have a theory that when you have an amputation (or any life-changing operation) you are reborn. Like a child, you need to start from scratch; learning how to walk, balance and face the world with confidence. The best way to practice this and develop your motor skills is through challenging your perceived ‘comfort zone’ using exercise and sport”.

On one of his many hospital visits he was introduced to a patient called Louie who was born with a similar condition. Louie had elective surgery and had chosen to have his leg amputated. As Jack got chatting to Louie, he found out that he was now a one-legged stuntman and proudly showed pictures of film sets from ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘The Mummy’ to name a few. This inspiring interaction with a complete stranger was going to change Jack’s mindset and outlook on life forever. Louie taught Jack how to look beyond the disability and use the perceived disadvantage as a unique advantage.



Jack Eyers, at the age of 16 electively had his leg amputated above the knee

At the age of 18 he joined an agency that specialised in amputee trauma acting. Joining the agency gave Jack new born confidence to try new things in life and it was a huge turning point. This turned out to be the first of many life accomplishments.

Jack has since then performed at the 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony, joined a modelling agency that specialised in diversity, being the first amputee to walk the New York fashion week, walked at the Milan, Moscow and London fashion weeks, featured on the front cover of Men’s Health, run his own very successful personal training business, won the title of Mr England and become a Great Britain canoeing world class athlete.

Eyers was crowned Mr. England in 2017 and was the first amputee to do so. He also began his modelling career with Models of Diversity, an agency that targets to expand body diversity in the fashion industry.

Jack Eyers a british personal trainer

Although there have been great highs, there have also been more challenging times. Jack said, ‘I found it hard to accept that I was different. I wanted to be in the military or a firefighter, but my disability held me back’. Rather than letting it weigh him down throughout his life, he flipped his mindset and used his disability to create his own version of success.

He believes in tackling your fears head on to get the most out of life. Public speaking has for many years got the better of him due to anxiety, so he challenged himself to speak at as many events as possible. In 2018, he spoke at 10 events. He believes his amputation has given him emotional intelligence that most people don’t develop until late adulthood, his own struggles have helped him show empathy for others.

When Jack was asked to give advice to someone struggling to stay mentally positive, he said, ‘I have learnt to put a positive spin on things. I believe that life begins outside your comfort zone, so learn to embrace it and get used to it. You must have the mind of a designer and learn to adapt and overcome challenges because there will always be challenges. Also, you can’t underestimate the power of a good coach and supportive network. Surround yourself with great people and great things will happen’.

Jack Eyers the first amputee male model at a New York Fashion Week in 2015 at the age of 25

A model from Bournemouth has become the first male model and amputee to hit the catwalk at the prestigious fashion event. For the second time during New York Fashion Week 2015, history has been made. 

Prior to appearing in the show, Eyers revealed that it all felt very “surreal”. He added: “To be the first male amputee model on a New York Fashion Week runway feels amazing – it feels like such a big deal.”

Eyers revealed: “I just want to show that having a disability doesn’t need to hold you back. I want people to see me, and to realise that there need to be more disabled models walking the runway.”

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