VIDEO: I Lost My Legs In A Bomb Explosion | SHAKE MY BEAUTY * 2024
VIDEO: I Lost My Legs In A Bomb Explosion | SHAKE MY BEAUTY * 2024

“My parents detonated a bomb inside our tiny, thatched roof hut. I was supposed to die that night.”

“I don’t remember the explosion. It’s strange to know something so traumatic happened to you that you shouldn’t be alive, but you have no memory of it. Even though it changed the trajectory of my life in the most profound way. One or both of my biological parents detonated a bomb inside our tiny, little thatched roof hut.”

“The story told to my parents was a tragic love story of two people who were married to other people and felt hopeless in their circumstances, to the point of committing a murder/suicide in the belief it would be the only way they could be together forever. The other version is my biological father had lied to my mother about being married, and she kicked him out when she found out. He came back with a bomb to kill us all.”

“Here’s the most amazing part of this story though… everything that should have made July 19, 2004 the worst night of my life, gave me the chance to have the beautiful life I have today.”


Heaven Shepherd was adopted by Shelly and Gary Shepherd and brought to the U.S.

In the middle of Missouri, a woman with six biological children began to have the strong feeling a child was missing from their family, and they were supposed to adopt. It took Shelly Shepherd two years to convince her husband, but she never gave up. This unknown child was on her mind when she woke up and when she went to sleep. Finally, after much discussion and counseling, Gary Shepherd agreed they could begin the process of finding a child who needed a home.

A week later, they were told a horrific story of a baby in Vietnam who had survived a bomb blast. Touch a Life Foundation went to bring this baby girl to the USA on a medical visa, to receive the next steps of medical care she needed. They asked the Shepherds to come along. There was an immediate bond, as if we had both been waiting for each other thousands of miles apart.

Heaven says: “I was adopted by the Shepherds and became a part of the most amazing family. I was the youngest of seven children, five girls and two boys. My parents loved us all with a strong, powerful kind of love — both as a group and individually.”

Haven has dedicated her life to pushing limits, helping others, and overcoming the odds. “She chooses joy every day. She chooses to be a survivor,” Shelly says about her daughter’s daily perspective. Haven is the youngest of seven children in the Shepherd family, and she credits much of her perseverance, courage, and positive attitude to her siblings and parents. As a Paralympic hopeful, swimmer, motivational speaker, lover of life, and ambassador for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, Haven instills hope and self-acceptance in each child. “I guess it’s all about perspective. I’ve never looked at not having legs as a negative,” she says.

Haven Faith Shepherd, who she is and how her sports career has been

Her athletic career began to open up other opportunities like modeling, motivational speaker, a CrossFit athlete, brand ambassador and dedicated advocate for people with disabilities. Daughter of Gary and Shelly Shepherd. Has four sisters, Chloe, Haley, Hannah and Ivy, and two brothers, Sawyer and Zach.

She says, “I began to learn about adaptive sports at the age of 7, after an embarrassing fall at my first ever grade school track meet. My brothers and sisters were all involved in athletics, and they were good at it. I knew I had the ability in me too, but I found out quickly that team sports would not be my thing. Even though all the inspirational quotes say you can do anything you dream, in all reality, there would be limited opportunities to do something I could really compete at. At the age of 10, I decided to try competitive swimming. I was hooked. I could take off my prosthetics and move freely in the water without anyone’s help, or any piece of equipment. As the saying goes, the rest is history… although I’m just 17 and have a lot more history to make! At the age of 12, I was put on the USA Paralympic Emerging team and hope to qualify for the 2021 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.”

Haven Shepherd, a positive mindset and having a clear goal

Shepherd thinks it’s important to express who you are regardless of the circumstances of your life. When she feels uncomfortable in a situation, she tries to change her mindset.

“I can think people are staring at me because I don’t have legs. Or I can choose, ‘Oh, wow. They’re staring at me because they think my legs are just so cool’. And I usually choose the ‘I think I’m so cool’.”

Her parents already had six children before they decided to adopt her. “I was just the missing puzzle piece of their family… They were like, ‘Hey, why not one more?’”

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