VIDEO: Hugh Herr, Aimee Mullins and More | Extreme Bionics: The Future of Human Ability | SXSW 2018 * 2024
VIDEO: Hugh Herr, Aimee Mullins and More | Extreme Bionics: The Future of Human Ability | SXSW 2018 * 2024

Speakers discuss new advancements in genetics, regenerative medicine, and biomechatronics that promise to transcend human limitations and end disability as we know it; from optogenetic interfaces with the human nervous system to synthetic appendages that move and feel like biological counterparts.


Hans Georg Näder

Professor Hans Georg Näder became the majority shareholder in Baltic Yachts. Now he shares more about his vision and thoughts on the future in Super Yacht Report 3/2013. 

Hans Georg Näder (simplified as Nader) (born September 19, 1961) is a German businessman and majority shareholder of Otto Bock group of companies, which specialises in manufacturing prosthetics. Nader was president and CEO of Otto Bock (1990–2017) before taking on his present position as chairman of the board (2017–present).

Professor Näder is not your typical corporate executive. In fact, this first impression is not so far from the truth. Näder sees himself as the ‘conductor’ of the Ottobock empire, identifying technological innovation and the employment of the right people in the right place as the keys to the success of the familymanaged company set up by his grandfather almost a century ago.

Since acquiring an 80 per cent stake in Baltic Yachts, he is applying the same business principles to reignite the Finnish brand in today’s challenging market. “I shouldn’t give advice to people who have been in the industry for many years,” says Näder in his self-effacing way. “I can only focus on best practice, which for me is driven by quality, innovation and expanding the portfolio.”

Aimee Mullins

Athlete, actor, and activist Aimee Mullins talks about her prosthetic legs — she’s got a dozen amazing pairs — and the superpowers they grant her: speed, beauty, an extra 6 inches of height … Quite simply, she redefines what the body can be.



Hugh Herr

Is building the next generation of bionic limbs, robotic prosthetics inspired by nature’s own designs. Herr lost both legs in a climbing accident 30 years ago; now, as the head of the MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics group, he shows his incredible technology in a talk that’s both technical and deeply personal.

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