VIDEO: If you can dream it – you can do it. | Alex and Daisy Demetre | TEDxDornbirn * 2024
VIDEO: If you can dream it – you can do it. | Alex and Daisy Demetre | TEDxDornbirn * 2024

Deisy-May Demetre taken the fashion world by storm in just over one year

From Birmingham, born in 2010, and she said: “felt ‘really proud of herself’ when she stormed the catwalk for childrenswear brand Lulu et Gigi at New York Fashion Week”.

In 2019 first it was London, then New York, and then was invited to model at the top of the Eiffel Tower during Paris Fashion Week on Friday, September 27.

She’s only a girl and also a double amputee. The Birmingham-born child model had both her legs amputated when she was just 18-months-old, as she was born with fibular hemimelia, a birth defect in which all or part of the fibular bone is missing. She soon learnt to use her prosthetic limbs to walk and move instead.

She made headlines as she walked a show for Lulu et Gigi Couture during London Kids Fashion Week

In 2019, she has been chosen to represent the brand once more during this September’s New York Fashion Week, which begins on Friday, September 6, and the show in France later this month. She was also named as a brand ambassador for the French-inspired children’s clothing line.

Founder and creative director Eni Hegedus-Buiron says Daisy-May is the “perfect” fit for the brand. “I was asked if I was OK with having an amputee walk in my show,” she told the BBC. “To be honest I was surprised by the question. For me, a child is a child and thus is beautiful and perfect. “So of course I said yes.”


In 2019, New York Fashion Week, was hailed for achieving a level of diversity never seen before

Since Lulu et Gigi Couture announced Daisy-May would be involved with the forthcoming fashion show, it has been widely praised for its commitment to inclusion. The brand reaffirms this dedication to diversity on its website, stating: “We believe that beauty comes first; from within, and our garments are made to enhance each child’s uniqueness. Inclusion and diversity are fostered, celebrated and encouraged.” According to The Fashion Spot’s official report. It found 44.8 percent of runway castings were models of colour, while employment of plus-size talent also reached a record high.

Daisy-May Demetre, had both legs ­amputated at just 18 months old

AK: Above-knee amputation, removing part of the thigh, knee, shin, foot, and toes.
BK: Below-knee amputation, removing the lower leg, foot, and toes.

She also now has two sets of prosthetic legs – blades and basic ones – and started modelling when she was seven. Was born with fibular hemimelia, where part or all of the fibula bone in the leg is missing, which led to her legs being amputated as a baby.

It’s been a whirlwind for Daisy-May, who has since taken the fashion world by storm, posing for brands such as Nike, River Island and Boden and been named as brand ambassador for French-inspired clothing line Lulu et Gigi.

It’s through this ambassadorship that Daisy-May walked for the Lulu et Gigi in shows spanning New York, London, and Paris. Her father Alex Demetre said at the time to CNN: ‘She inspired me by showing me who she was.

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