VIDEO: Bianca Balti dopo la mastectomia preventiva: "Come mi sento adesso" * 2024
VIDEO: Bianca Balti dopo la mastectomia preventiva: "Come mi sento adesso" * 2024

Bianca Balti recently had after discovering a high-risk breast cancer genetic mutation

An italian top model has posted a photo of herself lying naked, showing her recent mastectomy scars from an operation in California. She had the preventive double mastectomy on December 8, 2022, at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, in California, after discovering she had the genetic mutation BRCA1, which carries an exponential risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer.

Balti, from Lodi near Milan, explained the reasons for her decision on social media, saying “I love life too much not to do everything possible to preserve it”. She voiced the hope that her two daughters may one day have the courage to make the same decision if placed in the same situation.

Bianca Balti, who also voiced regret at losing an essential part of her femininity, posted after the operation: “I’m goooood! The surgery went well, although I had a bit of pain when I work up, but they’ve given me something for that, and I’m looking forward to making a full recovery. I’ve got a TV and a crucifix too. Guys, I just wanted to give you an update, I’m very happy, and that’s all”.


Bianca Balti and life after the breast operation

Bianca Balti talks about her decision to submit double mastectomy, a preventive surgery operation to reduce the possibility of getting cancer. «I love life so much, that next month I’ll have surgery», she explained to her daughters, «I’m having such a drastic operation because I have an 80 percent chance of getting cancer. And therefore I do everything I can to reduce this risk »

The operation dates back to December 7, 2022, and in the last five days thousands of people have expressed closeness to the top model for the courageous choice. She updated her followers via Instagram Stories. On Friday she let it be known that everything had gone perfectly, that she was feeling well and that she was ‘very’ hungry.

Balti returned to Instagram and talked about what she can do (and what not) in post-mastectomy life:

“Little update: I can’t wash my hair and this is the only thing that bothers me and makes me feel messy, that’s why I use this very heavy filter. However, it’s a miracle! The doctor had explained to me that they would give me a “subcutaneous injection to stop the pain in the bud. I didn’t trust it, I thought I would still feel very strong pain, but nothing. I slept, I didn’t expect it. I’m happy, grateful and I have no regrets. Then I noticed that thanks to the intense abs training in the past few weeks, when I have to get up without using my legs, I don’t strain my ribcage and this is an important thing. When I had my breasts done I wasn’t in shape, getting up was difficult. Now it’s very easy!”.

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