VIDEO: Cyborg Magician Anastasia Synn Has Over 26 Microchips * 2024
VIDEO: Cyborg Magician Anastasia Synn Has Over 26 Microchips * 2024

Anatasia has been working on innovated uses of biohacking in magic

A frequent speaker at magic, transhumanist, and biohacking conferences, Synn currently has 52 implants (2023), including the largest magnet ever implanted into a person, as well as a sound-transmitting magnet implanted into the tragus of her ear. All of her modifications were surgically performed by a nurse and an underground DIY surgeon.

Synn has used her implants to perform magic tricks, appearing on the television show Penn & Teller: Fool Us. This performance was named by BioHacking News as one of the top biohacking moments of 2018.

Synn’s biohacking is part of the DIYbio cyborg subculture called “grinding”, which developed out of the magnets being used in the body modification subculture instead being used as a hack to acquire an “electromagnetic sense”. Around half of Synn’s implants are microchips, which she programs to give herself heightened senses and abilities, such as opening locks, turning on her computer, and the like.


Anastasia and her personal life

Synn is an entertainer and speaker. AI and cyborg advocate. Mother. Farmer. Officially the most tech implanted human on 52.

Anastasia is a Canadian sideshow stunt performer and magician, as well as a transhumanist and biohacker. She is known for her cyborg rights activism. She was married to magician and comedian The Amazing Johnathan, whom she also managed, until his death on February 22, 2022.

Synn met magician The Amazing Johnathan while he was doing a six-year run at the Harmon Theater. The couple got married at A Special Memory Chapel in Las Vegas in June 2014, in a ceremony attended by fellow magicians David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, and Jeff McBride, as well as comedian Gallagher. Their wedding reception took place at Geisha House, Las Vegas.

Together, they hosted annual parties covered by the Las Vegas press. Synn has frequently performed shows with her husband, often taking over for him halfway through when he became fatigued. Synn has a daughter, Haley Kenyon, from a previous relationship.


What can you do with implants?

Anastasia has been working on innovated uses of biohacking in magic and stunt performance for the purpose of advancing her transhumanist goals. She currently has 52 implants which she uses for magic, experimentation, and extended sensory perception. A self-proclaimed wearable addict, she tracks many aspects of her life through technology and is working towards a future when we become one with our wearables and create new senses through implants.

She uses them in her magic act. And she also uses them in her day-to-day life — to unlock the door at home, or to let her cat speak. She can’t go into too much detail about how the implants are used in magic, but there are multiple ways that they can be used and even more ways they can be designed to be used.

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